The Perfect Pizza – What It Takes To Get It Baked

If you're a lover of great food, you know that every pizza is not made equal. There are lots of different types for you to enjoy, but there is a major quality difference that makes one pie stand out above all the rest. Here is a guide to what makes a perfect pizza.

Fresh Ingredients Straight From The Earth

There's nothing worse than eating a pizza with canned ingredients. They're either half-frozen or soggy and mushy, and they make you wish you'd just gotten a burger instead. The least you can expect from any place with the nerve to call itself a "restaurant" is that the ingredients should be fresh. Whether you're getting simple veggies put on it, or trying something a little new and adventurous like barbecued chicken or Greek-style toppings, everything should be fresh. Any less would be like the frozen one's you get at the supermarket.

Crust Baked To Perfection

Whether you go for thin crust that's crispy when you bite into it, or deep dish that's like eating a loaf of bread, the crust is really what makes it great. It should be baked to perfection so that it's not doughy and soft, but they should pull it out before it burns. A lot of what makes great crust is the type of oven they use. At "brick oven" restaurants, you'll usually find the best crust. Even if they offer other food like stromboli or sub sandwiches, you can expect that those giant ovens have had years of pies baked in them, and this will make it taste the way it should.

Sauce – Simple And Delicious

There are two components to having an excellent sauce. One is that it should be made from great tomatoes. You don't need anything fancy at all to have a world-class sauce. If it comes from quality tomatoes, it can be as simple as you please and it will taste just wonderful. Nature already added all the flavor you need! The other consideration is how much sauce. While going light on the sauce produces a subtler flavor that lets the other elements shine, over-saucing is a great way to utterly destroy a good pizza. When too much is slathered on the pie, it dominates and you end up with the other key ingredients choked out.

Don't Forget The Cheese

Some say, "Cheese is cheese," but to the real discerning palate this is heresy. While you've got all kinds of cheese to choose from, the best cheeses are mixes that are made in the restaurant kitchen itself. Every place has its own special ingredients. Quality cheese should have a low water content, and should bake well so that it's done at the same rate as the crust. This keeps is from burning and lets it retain its flavor.

Now that you've learned what makes a great pizza, it's time to head to your local pizzeria and put them to the test. Once you find a place that serves a pie with great sauce, perfectly baked crust and fresh ingredients, you'll know where you can always go for an excellent meal.

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