Is Your Internet Surfing Really Private?

Imagine you are surfing from your personal desktop or laptop, no one looking over your shoulder or sitting nearby. You are all alone. Wrong! From your computer identity to your personal details, you are no longer anonymous on the internet. Here's the company that you keep on the internet preventing you from surfing anonymously.

Hackers take advantage of your computer vulnerabilities to install small programs on your computer which record and relay your keyboard input. Then your information and passwords are used to hack into your bank accounts, credit cards and other financial institutions and cause you immense loss. In a similar manner, your lack of anonymous surfing leads to your professional data being stolen by hackers.

Advertisers find easy access to your computer and follow your internet activity to annoy you with popups or banner ads or both, even when you are not online. You also get bombarded with junk emails advertising products making your mailbox a spammers' heaven. Without anonymous surfing, you will find advertisers accompanying you on the web at all time.

Hijackers use tracker cookies planted into your computer to stop you from anonymously surfing. These cookies follow your surfing patterns and then hijack your searches, with or without your knowledge. Hijackers don't take your consent to install cookies and you end up on websites of hijackers' choice. Do anonymous surfing to prevent hijackings.

Con Artists send you mails disguised as those from your bank and other financial companies. Some conmen even send mails announcing you as winners and asking for your financial details. Once you give financial details you find yourself conned out of your savings. You need to practice anonymous surfing to avoid such traps.

Mischief makers abound on the internet looking for browsers without anonymous surfing habits. They use unauthorized downloads to infect your computer with viruses, worms, trojans, spyware and other harmful programs. This can lead to loss of control over your own computer. You need to keep your computer safe from mischief makers and do only anonymous surfing.

Family and Work colleagues can easily trace your internet activity from the tracks you leave on your computer. The only way to prevent this is to do anonymous surfing.

With so many disrupters and scammers, not to mention people you know, following your internet browsing you can't have any internet privacy. Safeguard your web privacy by using anonymous surfing software. Anonymous surfing software will ensure that not only is your browsing private, your data and information is also safe and secure.

Source by Carter Christopher

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