Christmas Feasts – A Never Ending List…

A light brown yummy chocolate cake and a dish of delicious pudding can make Christmas "merry" in the real sense of the term. Christmas is not only a religious event but it is best known as a social occasion nowadays. Food is the basic aspect of any social occasion and hence feasting carries the festive essence of the event most.

It is better to go for a fast arrangement of chocolate pudding and peanut butter chips to get the tasty chocolate chip cookies. If you want to enjoy the taste of the oil then the best one will be fried cookies. Christmas food are getting diversified in such a way that people suffering from various heart diseases can opt for the low fat cookies out of banana and oatmeal. There is food for everybody! The light fruit cookies made out of either dates and dried fruit or chopped nuts are getting popular day by day.

Gingerbread was the most popular baked Christmas dish in Europe for centuries. The hype is still on and Christmas feast is decorated with different shaped gingerbread resembling men, women, stars, and animals. Lemon sauce and whipped cream can add flavor to the item.

Christmas can be termed as a "food festival". The cooks of the world are experimenting with all kinds of odd items to give us a more tasty feast. Walnut cakes should not be missed. One can go for a fine blending of chocolate sauce, nuts, and chip cookies to get a delicious result. And the result is the yummy ice-cream sundae. The experts are at work to add more flavors to the popular Christmas feast items. Yule logs are believed to bring a beneficial magic. It is generally burnt for 12 hours or even for 12days with the notion of getting protection from witchcraft. The belief is so popular that the people even want it to add in their Christmas dish. And so, we have a chocolate yule log and one can go to any level for its decoration.

Fruit cake is the most popular Christmas cake on the table of U.K., Ireland and other common wealth countries. They may vary in shapes and colors and one can have a heavily iced one or a moist cake . It can be light or dark, round or square. Just mold it as you want it to be. Scottish people prefer Whiskey Dundee. The name is suggestive enough to give the idea that it has got a Dundee origin and the preparation is done with Scottish Whiskey. Who can say no to "apple cream cake"?

Out of all the Christmas desserts Bebinca is gradually gaining importance. The dish is from Goa, India. The main ingredients are eggs and coconut milk. It is generally baked over a slow fire. Before eating it as a dish of Christmas feast one usually turns it upside down.

The Christmas feast sounds incomplete without pudding. Though rice pudding is not the most popular one yet it is a comfortable dish on Christmas. Rice and milk mixed with sweetener really work wonders. Cranberry sauce should be at the corner of the table to make your turkey more tasty.

The list will never end. We can just hope to get more varieties as experts are really working hard on Christmas feasts.

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