50Th Anniversary Favors

One of the most important parties for a couple is their 50th wedding anniversary.  Here are some favor ideas to celebrate this meaningful occasion:

PHOTO FAVORS – These are the most popular type of favors because they display the guests of honor. 

Photo Mint Tins – These come with a label showing a picture of the couple.  Many people choose to display the actual wedding photo, while others show a more recent picture.  Inside of the tins are mints or gum.

Bookmarks – You can make your own by laminating images of the couple throughout their lifetime. 

Photo Frames – Place an image of the couple in each frame.  You can purchase gold frames or decorate wooden ones with names and the anniversary date. 

GOLD FAVORS – Known as the golden anniversary, gold party favors add sparkle to your celebration. 

Gold wrapping can turn any item into a  50th anniversary favor.  Use gold wrapping paper, gold organza bags, and boxes to house your items.

Gold Hershey's Kisses with Almonds – Placed them in a clear bag and tied with a gold ribbon.



Personalized Glassware – You can find champagne glasses, mugs, shot glasses and candles imprinted with names and a "50" graphic.

Cookies – Ask your local bakery to create and decorate some custom cookies.  They can be in the shape of a heart, wedding bells, or a simple circle.  Decorate them with the couples name and "50 Years.

Useful Favors – Candles, place card holders, and wine bottle stoppers are available with the number 50 in gold.

Chocolate – Truffles with a personalized box are a favorite with all guests.  Gold M&M's are also readily available.  Place them in a bag and tie a personalized label to it.

Source by Joyce Kreger

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